Game Math and Geometry Library

There are a number of online resources available related to MathGeoLib.

Bug Tracker

MathGeoLib uses the Github bug tracker to follow outstanding issues and feature requests. Feel free to post any problems you have there, but remember that submitting a bug is a privilege, not a right. I am not obliged to provide pro-gratis support.

IRC Channel

The home channel for MathGeoLib is located in the Afternet IRC network. Connect to and join the channel #MathGeoLib. As commits are pushed to the MathGeoLib github repository, notifications are posted in real-time to this IRC channel.

Live Editor

As an experimental feature, a direct JavaScript port of MathGeoLib code has been implemented with the help of the emscripten compiler. The result is a live interpreter that allows prototyping with MathGeoLib directly from your web browser. Start MathGeoLibJS live interpreter. The interpreter uses another project of mine, gfxapi, for 3D visualization, and therefore requires a modern browser with WebGL support.

The underlying technology is still developing and not all of MathGeoLib functionality is available. A number of bugs related to the live interpreter are tracked in the emscripten bug tracker.

Continuous Builds

I maintain a build farm that continually rebuilds MathGeoLib on a number of systems whenever commits are pushed to the github repository. You can review the current build status of MathGeoLib real-time from the MathGeoLib build report page. If something is broken, you should see it there.

The build bots push notifications about their build results to the #MathGeoLib IRC channel, so you can also idle there to receive status updates.

Static Code Analysis

As part of the continuous build cycle, a number of static C/C++ code analyzer passes are performed. The win-cppcheck builder runs the MathGeoLib codebase through Cppcheck. The vs2012 builders apply the Visual Studio 2012 /analyze tool during their builds. Third, the osx-xcode-MathGeoLib-64bit builder uses the Clang Static Analyzer tool as part of its build.

The results of these static analyzer tools are always shown on the MathGeoLib build report page.

Discussion Forums

There are no dedicated forums for MathGeoLib. I frequent in the GameDev discussion forums, which is a good place to ask questions related to game math programming and MathGeoLib.