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When doing research that involves concrete programming, it is absolutely important to be able to confirm that the code and the results are correct. Last year when I was writing the survey on Rectangle Bin Packing, I used a battery of test functions which affirmed that the generated packings were legal for each algorithm. However, it does not guarantee the quality of the packings, and the results, while correct, can still be suboptimal.

Last Updated (Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:29)

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Along the years, I have accumulated tons of different utility functions for performing games-related geometric tests. Recently, I was faced by a task of implementing a generic script API for math and geometry handling. It would become a part of a generic API for a script-driven 3D engine. The scripting system would be used potentially by people who are very unfamiliar with scripting, and possibly even with mathematics. Around the same time, I was investigating developing code for a project that uses the Android NDK platform, and was looking for a math library to use on that architecture.


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This is the last post I will make about bin packing. There's two things that were missing from the previous entry, so here they are.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 20 April 2010 01:13)

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